MOC: Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson

 Yeah, back in the Discworld again! Now it's time for an Anhk-Morpork City Watch character, Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson, a man raised by dwarves and the first voluntary recruit in the Night Watch. Carrot is six-feet-six-inch tall and his dwarvish name is Kzad-bhat, The Head-banger. He's honest, good-natured and honourable, despite the city's best effort.

Building Carrot began shortly after a LUG event taking place in Imatra three weeks ago. I got some flat silver 1x4 double curved slopes, which were perfect for Carrot's chestplate; He always keeps it shiny and clean, that decent he is. Commander Vimes's armor was dark bluish grey, as he prefect a bit old and beaten uniform, so flat silver on Carrot achieved a nice contrast between the two characters.

I also gave Carrot a dark red cape to make him look brighter and more heroic (mind you, Vimes can be pretty heroic too). Other reason might be that I had already used all my reddish brown 12x4 wedges.

Carrot doesn't have sleeves, as the visibility of his muscular arms is often mentioned in the books. He is also described wearing sandals (whereas Vimes wears second-hand boots) but I settled with the open-toe boots established by artist Paul Kidby. They are similar to Vimes's, if a bit richer in color. The leather skirt is almost the same, if a bit longer.

Carrot's head isn't the most interesting one I've build as he's clearly clean-shaven. But he needed an encouraging smile, so I had to meddle with some SNOT. I've used 1x3 arch as a smiling mouth before in Bofur, but back then I could hide the connections behind the moustache. This one was a bit trickier but worked out alright.

Carrot also has his "kingly" sword, that is only a plain and very sharp piece of metal; It's ultimately non-magical, which is odd, because the magical background radiation in the Discworld makes almost everything at least somewhat magical.



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