MOC: Chair of Indefinite Studies

 Still on Discworld! This is another built finished before Worldcon. Chair of Indefinite studies, another of these "thin character" wizards, whose comedy I enjoy a lot. I have also some quite ambitious plans of this-scale Hex the thinking engine, which would need some wizards around it. Plus these give me changes to build interesting beards and detailed clothes, so not bad at all.

Main trick here is of course the waistcoat built with printed Chima phoenix skirts. These make great wizard robes for minifigs, too (used on Lecturer on Recent Runes minifig) but sticking several next to each other... that makes it even more interesting! Our LUG got those from event support package and they were on "Free for all" bin on our Model Expo "exhibitor closet" and I grabbed a handful for this particular use. The beard is another base trick, using Hero Factory/Chima Ultrabuild fur add-on parts, and probably more importantly constructing a long moustache using taps, tooth tiles, viking horns and stuff... I've always wanted to build a stache like that.

Otherwise it's quite usual wizard outfit. Couple of Bionicle parts on shoulders for the sake of interestingness, curly wizard shoes, pointy hat and white stockings. I particularly like the dark orange trousers, as they balance the bright colour scheme, and the robes built using red aeroplane bottom sections, as they're not the most versalite pieces.

I didn't give Chair staff because 1. I'm short on staff pieces 2. he really doesn't use staff that much, except probably in Reaper Man. The Senior Faculty doesn't really do magic. They bicker, wonder, argue and eat huge dinners. So I gave him plate of food and a pint or amber beer instead. Felt fitting, and in a way, more interesting.

On side notes, my second year on architecture studies starts on monday, ending my 4-month holiday. On other hand, I'll receive my LUGBULK 2017 order tomorrow, so you can still expect some builds in near future. Something experimental, I dare to say.



Samuel Willmot said...

His hair, beard and robe seems to meed at the neck so smoothly! Such great work - I'd love to see Hex at this scale, too

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