MOC: Granny Weatherwax & Nanny Ogg

So here they are - Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax and Gytha "Nanny" Ogg. I'm bit embarrased that I built 17 Discworld character, including some rather trivial like Lecturer on Recent Runes, before these two, as they are among the most important and beloved disc-folk. Actually I've had WIPs of these witched laying around for a year, but it somehow took so long to get them finished. I wanted to publish them as a pair, like Colon and Nobby, as they somewhat balance each other.

Granny was harder. She's described being "handsome", without warts and with all her teeth; so I had to capture look of an older woman without making it humorous nor too manly. I tried to make the lower part of the face thinner than on male character, but not too round or polished. There were several versions. There is a bun in the back (though unseen on the photos) and 1x2x2 slope as the nose gives it some dignity. Levers on the hat represent the hairpins that connect the important pointed hat to the bun.

The costume is somewhat inspired by Paul Kidby's drawings; the ruff detail on the cloak draws from there, as well as the silver brooch. Otherwise it's quite simply design. The first version had arched back stance, and more poseable arms, but it looked quite awful. I tried to achieve "I can't be having with that sort of thing" pose but it turned out ridiculous, so I went to more neutral stance and it looked alright. I like the bit of a loose sleeve on the lower arms. Granny also has her big iron boots, that too took few tries, and her bump starting broomstick (which has a bit odd-shaped stick for my lack of brown 1x1x5 bricks).

Nanny is more light-hearted character (and definitely among my favourite Discworld characters) and was easier to build. She has face like old apple and one teeth and grin that should be locked away for publich tendency; in other words, cool thing to build. I like the grin here, with the round cheeks using the best part ever, boat stud. The hat is basic witch hat, 8x8 dish brim and tall pointy cone. The apron, round and acceptably black, was quite easy too; arms took couple of tries, first version being too CCBS-heavy and having poor mobility. This one uses small shells on elbows, too, to give some needed poseability. I'm not completely sure about them, guess they look alright. Red boots and red-white striped stockings, appearing in both Paul Kidby's and late Josh Kirby's art, give some much-needed colour to the MOC.

Nanny has a banjo, used to accompany famous songs as such "The hedgehog can never be buggered at all" or "Wizard's staff has a knob on the end". Other accessories might have included another broomstick (if I had had those 1x1x5 bricks), flagon of scumble ("a drink made mostly of apples") or a jug of beer, but banjo seemed more interesting. It was also more challenging than I though. The first version used lot of SNOT, with the round part made with bow pieces, but it wasn't a perfect circle and looked wrong. The second one used 4x4 round plate with 6x6 round plate, but as I didn't have 6x6 on in black, it didn't quite work. I finally settled with a design that uses old tire around 4x4 round plate. The inner dimensions are a bit larger than 4x4, so it took some fiddling, but I like the results.

By the way,

An announcement follows:

The oldest and most important Sci-fi and fantasy convention WorldCon comes to Helsinki next week. I'll be there, under the banner of our LUG Palikkatakomo, to show my work. My display will feature at least 20 Discworld characters, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind figures, Mad Max Fury Road characters, Porco Rosso and his Savoia S-21, five Nintendo character builds from SSB., and the popular Ackbar bust. At least. There might be more. If you happen to be around, come and share a word with me!



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