New Elementary Figbarf

One of creations I made for New Elementary's parts festival was not a build but a figbarf. Yeah, a batch of purist minifigures - a real blast from the past. Some of these figures are much older than the festival, but got a refurbishing with the new pieces to get a excuse of posting them. This is longer version of text written for New Elementary; as before, I'd like to thank Tim and Elspeth for organizing everything.

I used to make lot of custom minifigures, usually in so-called barfs of 4-6 figs. I made the last one in August 2016, over three years ago. Why did I stop? I drifted away from minifig scale, mostly. Minifig parts are also relatively expensive, so I prioritized my hobby into ordinary (but, of course, weird and interesting) parts over fig parts, which are usually hard to use outside their context. Of course, I’ve still made minifigs to minifigure scale builds, most importantly to inhabitant my early 20th century modular building streets. However, some of seed parts seemed useful on minifig scale, so I began fiddling with some figs. They were also inspired by parts bought in LEGO House’s AFOL Day’s Pick-a-Brick where fans could buy one small cup of minifig parts. At first these figs were going to be on the bridge scene which developed into creation called “Frost Serpent Arises”, but they didn’t work in that context, so they were exiled to become a barf. In a way, this is a special gift to anyone who has asked me to make another barf or wondered why I ever stopped.

Brun Hammergrasp. This fig is a veteran of my first and only Brikwars experience. He has a hammer using Batman greeble capsules (small variant) and a hubcap shield.  
Ambassador Välthung Brassgut. Another Brikwars veteran. The seed part – Batman bowl thing - is used as a part of the brazier. Trans-orange robot arm piece made this use possible. I enjoy the cryptic stud-on-stud connection between the silver and the gold part. 
Wurthans Grimboller. Once again Brikwars veteran, though he went through some changes. Batman bowl was one of the most enjoyable seed parts and is used here as part of the hammer. I like how 1x1 round plate fits inside it; they are the type with pin hole, and a 3L bar connects them into the hammer, as keen-eyed readers notice: No LEGO logo on them! 

Hamrad of Eternal Seek. priest designed for the bridge scene. Batman bowl and circular
saw made this ritual helmet. It’s barely connected. Batman greeble bags
actually included two different saws, and they’re mirrored versions of each
other. What a luxury. Shepherd staff is bit forced as the ritual staff here,
but I wanted to do something with it; and this barf was done before the three
other uses of that beautifully coloured piece, so…

Frey of Gilded Glade. Not much to do with the seed parts. I had just got some Spider-man’s web pieces, and they made a cool incense burning thing with, again, Batman lantern. Sickle piece from Ninjago created some druidic vibes.
Glamhoo of Raven’s Flight. Old Moko technique from middle Brickshelf period (maybe 2007) used two old bats on 32034 180 degree angled TECHNIC connector to create a cool iron cross. I stole that technique for couple of MOCs. I wondered if something similar could be done with these new, headless bats, which I heard were suggested by Jonas Kramm, my old Iron Builder rival. Thanks Jonas, I like the bats. Here they’d look better if rest of the staff end was dark blue too, but you can’t get everything. Unrelated to the seed parts, I like the cloth skirt on new dress combination.


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