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 MOC Wars draws near to end. It ends tomorrow. I've got this and then one another build and then it's all done. But worry not, I've got plenty of unpublished work still around.

So, this one is 20. Self-Repro Bricktime: "What would the laboratory for researching the self-reproducing LEGO brick look like? At least 1 LEGO propeller must be used, no matter what size!" On this particular category we had seen some modern research laboratories, and I though about twisting it to fantasy historical setting. I was inspired by Magic the Gathering's Kaladesh plane, which is sort of colourful Indian magic-steampunk world with lot of trans-blue aether pipes, gleaming domes and brass spaghetti. One of my commander deck commanders is Rashmi, Eternities Crafter, an elf druid researching teleport warp technology. I also though about making a very tall room space, with not that big footprint but airy atmosphere and tall windows. I also pondered about steampunk industrial enviroments and Tesla-esque scifi aesthetics. I also just happened to have a completely unused dome tablescrap around; it is based on the dome of Obecni Dum, the municipal house of Prague (I was in guided tour three years ago). I made some adjustments and it fit this use well, defining the measurements.

 I started making walls under the dome. I wanted to use "Persian" arched to keep the Kaladesh feel. I first made five (out of eight) wall sections but added one more to make the space more closed. The wall sections enclosing the gap were on 45 degree angle (think) with each other, and I forced them in same direction (unsure about the correct English terms here, sorry), bending the window frames made of 1x1 bricks. The curve was pretty, and while the technique was far from legal it fitted the magical environment and Kaladesh style, while being still quite stable. It also made it possible to connect both of those sides to the stud grid of the base, making to tower sturdies than it would have been without the bend.

Inside there is the machinery, again using some tablescraps. The UFO thing is a brainchild of New Elementary Parts festival. There's a far boy wheel inside, and second smallest rubber track/thread thing around it; 1x2 tiles connect to the track, which fits perfectly around it. On both sides of the wheel there are 6x6 round plates, with sort of gingerbread of 2x2 round plates under them, and teal 6x6 quarter round pieces connecting to them 2x2 rounds. It's pretty wild. I though of making a motorcycle out of those wheels, but one ended up in here. There might still be a cycle. The teal bubbly thing under it might be stolen from the blowfist on Ninjago City set, or at least there is something similar - just an image of memory, I don't own the set. I like the pattern of 3x3 dishes nevertheless. Under it, surrounded by the aether pipes, is the mandatory propeller piece on a lamp. I didn't have those wind-shaped Atlantis propellers available, so old traditional one had to do.

Then there is, of course, the reproducing machine. It is a mix of Rashmi's aether planar bridge and Sampo, mythical object from Kalevala, Finnish national epic. Sampo grinds money, salt and flour; this reproduces dark tan, medium nougat and dark orange bricks, perfect for building fantasy renaissance city. They burst out from three planar gates every few seconds. I quite like those golden prints on trans-blue spinner crowns, they have magical feel on them. Luckily I had three, even though one of them is barely visible. The machine also uses nexo knights mecha shield, three-pointed ones; interesting pieces, seen lot of interesting shapes achieved with them, but this is first time I use them on anything. There's two persons on magical persuasion with some local partician checking the results of their research.

The outside is bit extra, but I furbished it anyway. I though about cobblestones and a street scene, but didn't have much ideas about the passengers-by, so it turned to be a courtyard with some dry plants and pigs and creeper plant with red flowers climbing the tower, making the atmosphere nices.

Next up; Aqua Cola, Mother's Milk, Guzzoline, V8, and so on. And sorry about the typos, it's late and I'm tired.



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