We're living interesting times, with MOC Wars on the way. There's four days left... So you can except pretty active posting for now. This is category Couldn't Eat Another Bite: "Build a meal that’s half (or more finished). Show us what was on the menu, but make sure it’s been partially eaten." I was surprised that there haven't been any half-eaten sushi dishes yet. Sushi is delicious and popular, and also very visual type of food. And I've seen plenty of sushi build out of bricks, but not very often recently. Being inspired by the taste, I made this entry in few hours around week ago.

One of the main challenges of the category is that it's half eaten. With sushi, a "per piece" food, this is not much an issue because half-eaten dish looks just like a smaller dish. However, it would have felt dull, so I made a half of a roll that had been destroyd, as it sometimes happens, and a piece of cucumber left idle from  it. There's also spills of soy sauce around, referring that eating action had already taken place. Some ginger strips (light yellow) and seaweed (trans-green flames) are also present.

In addition to them, there are four sushis, two rolls and two nigiris. Colours are imporant aspect in this food type and colour contrasts make them fun little builds. Seaweed uses on sushi is very dark, and black could have worked, but I went with dark green as it's more unusual colour and looks beautiful, less stark with white, trans-orange and yellowish green. Trans-orange is used as a sour-and-sweet sauce and raw salmon; I think it is salmon, even though it's Norwegian invention in sushi. Using "tongue" canopy piece as a strip of fish was definitely an experimental, even provocative action; It'll be intesting to see what the judges think about it. On this case, I went with interesting rather than realistic. I'm also particularly happy with the avocado nigiri.

In addition to the food, there are some accessories. The chopsticks are as simple as it gets. The plate is reddish brown to create a warm atmosphere for the food. A wing panel from Last Flight of Destiny's Bounty is stack under the plate as a napkin; I got an extra from Pii Poo's event couple of weeks ago (I had a LUG show on two last Saturdays; this was on display on the latter in Lahti). Then there is the soy bowl, essential part of sushi dish, though I believe that most sushi eaters in west at least use that stuff wrong (me included). The bowl has some structural tricks in it, as the corners are made of double convex inverted slopes. It's not a new trick really, but might boggle some minds a bit; I learned it from Reverse-Engineering contest six years ago. I actually forgot the bowl from the display last Saturday, so here's the meal on the whole.

Next up, something completely different.



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