A Bright Light over the Dark Sea Attracts More Than Ships Looking for a Safe Passage

 This is my second entry (aka the first round entry) for Bio-Cup 2022. The theme was Kaiju (for all contestants) and Insectoid (for my bracket). Pretty soon I knew I wanted to make a big, furry moth, alike Mothra (I haven't seen Mothra or Godzilla vs. Mothra or whatever it is; I've only seen Godzilla vs. Biolante and that was psychedelic enough). And there had to be something to scale the moth with... and I though that moths are attracted to light, and what emits light? A lighthouse. I quite like lighthouses, and I've never built and published one (I've built at least one as a kid). It also made sense to have an arctic lighthouse, with ice sheets on water and the isle, as the moth was going to be hairy and thus adapted to colder climate. This was my original idea and it didn't change almost at all.

There is no clear real-world counterpart species for my moth Kaiju, though closest get the white hairy ones. Hence the Bio-Cup I wanted to use more Bionicle parts than I generally do; The white Visorak pincers were there from the beginning, and I'm also quite happy with the CCBS foot as the head base. The legs were the first thing I built for this, though I had to largely scrap them; the lower segment used to be white crowns, too, but it was way too fragile and resulted too much outrage on my part. 

Lighthouses tend to be white or red. I chose red to have enough contrast with the moth, and also to bring colour to the composition. I wanted the lighthouse to be very simple, to not to steal the focus from the moth; and also to have a nice contrast with the hairy patterns of the animal. The stairway leading to the lighthouse is extra steep for dramatic effectc - and I couldn't help adding some big CCBS shells to the base, as this is a Bio-Cup entry... I think the have nice ice heap feel on them, in contrast with the more angular black rock point. The snow and ice have piled on the north side of the lighthouse island, shadowed by the tower.

This was a fast build, as my schelude was very tight. I spent the last weekend in Helsinki, and am leaving for another vacation trip tomorrow (my summer holiday started yesterday). Taking into account the situation, I think it's pretty good.



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