Ghost of the Strand

This is my second entry for Summer Joust 2022, this time for the Gradients category. The idea of the category is to build a model using only colours from one "colour family", plus white, black and greys. It's a fantastic idea and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to participate. I wanted to use different purples, as my collection of different purple shades has expanded vastly during couple of last years. 

I wanted to build something non-violent, and obviously not in minifig scale. The original idea was to build a medieval dress, maybe a queen's dress. However, I didn't get it working; the idea of (unoccupied) piece of clothing, made of one colour family, remained dull. I didn't manage to create enough cool pattern to make it interesting, and it cried for some contrast - warm hues to compliment the cool purples! I had also made this bendable structure of medium lavender 1x2 plates and dark purple 1x1 round plates, but due to the lack of rounds I couldn't make it as big as I wanted, and integrating it into the regal dress would have been very hard.

So I dumped the idea and jumped into more familiar territory of character building. One idea would have been a dressmaker's dummy, but I wanted to play with movement and flow; so it turned into a ghost, a restless spirit, with the dress disintegrating into medium lavender strains (I still had lot of 1x2 plates left). I kept the upper torso as it was, added the arms and finished the character with monochrome white head and flowing grey flocks. The base has a contrast of smooth, reflecting black surface and studdy, offset plate-built shore. The finished build reminds me of some classic car hood ornaments.



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