Scale the Depths

 The Bio-Cup semifinals ended to Ari's amazing Bloodsmith's favor so now I have some time to switch into Summer Joust mode... It was great Cup altogether! This one, an entry to "Subterranean" category of the Joust, was built between Kami of the Five Elements and Hemogoblin. I had pretty clear vision of this from the beginning, though the large scale surprised me (once again). This is inspired by a little climbing hobby we started last winter, and also Breath of Wild that Pinja has been playing recently, with its numerous Link's climbing bits. This character is not exactly Link (nor anyone particular) but an elf anyway. 

I began with the character, and the main point of interest was building the back - in other words, the front of the figure would be almost completely hidden, with the back getting all the attention. Usually back of a figure is, well, secondary, and it's not uncommon that I have to add forgotted pieces there during the shoot... but the was different, and it was interesting. Also the figure was going to be on a fixed position: The rock climbing needed a supporting straight leg as well as bent leg ready to push. The knees are thus very differently built, as is the butt to make the transition smooth and natural. The legs are completed with some straps, knee covers and smooth leather boots. 

The torso was simpler, with an angle made with swivel joints and 2x4 wedge plates to achive a natural, reaching position. Dark blue felt like a beautiful combinaton with white and browns, and somehow the hood emphasized the medieval fantasy aspect of it. The visible bit of white undershirt, as well as the brown fingerless gloves call back to the colours of the legs. The hair was the last part I built. Pearl gold fitted the theme and balanced the colours, while the candle headlamp again emphasized both the fantasy and underground aspects, differenting the climber from a mountaineer. The ponytail bobble uses a rubber cable holder - I didn't have any pearl gold pin connectors around, so it had to have a bobble!

The cliff was... interesting. The original idea had a more overhanging cliff, similar to one on Augur of the Last Peak. However, I wanted to break the horizontal/vertical shapes natural to this medium and make an angled wall of rock, formed by the layers of sediment. The final shape was not planned but simple built on floor with most of dark bley slopes I could find. I like the weird shape of it - I wanted to achieve a certain sculpture-like shape. The sturcture uses thee LURPs - this is the first time in years than I've used a LURP or BURP! Luckily I had some around. There are also some boat weighs on the bottom, securing the balance of the finished model.



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