Lydia Frenckell

This saxophonist started with a pair of legs, with the intention of using dark brown as stockings. It wasn't very easy, giving the limited number of parts available in this colour (still about 14 years after it debuted). Fortunately, the black joints don't jump out too much and the ankle rings of the heeled shoes make the ankle connections - small ball joint with a bar into the blocked stud of the 1x2x3 slope - sturdy enough to support the character. 

Playing the sax takes both hands and a mouth, and I didn't want the playing poses look too rigid.There is a ball joint below the bust, allowing more natural jamming stances. It makes the upper torso a bit too fragile, but I suppose it is worth it; I wanted the neck line to match the line with the tan inverter arches below, and this led to half-plate gaps inside. I'm rather happy with the Friends horse bridle as the top strap; it connects nicely around a 2x2 round brick, and its shape matches the black macaroni tubes.

Lydia's outfit turned out to be very dramatic in its dark colours, so I balanced it with the big, gold (brass!) saxophone and the bright magenta hair. All the previous "rock'n'roll scale" musician characters had got black hair, but I didn't have any real reason to limit that; and black would have fused too much with the clothes! I was also probably running out with black hair ideas... Anyway, it's balloon panel hair again - maybe third time - but for the first time with the curves turned inside. I like the way the hair hugs the upper torso!

The saxophone is a relatively simple affair with few key parts; a stack of 1x1 round plates with handles, braced with some robot arms and bars forming the... well, the bits that are played, probably. Elephant trunk makes a perfect mouthpiece; my only gripe is the somewhat filled "output" dish, but there arent's any good alternatives! The wamr gold colour is balanced on the skirt and the shoulder furs, adding some blight to the outfit.



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