MOC: Alina

 Here's a MOC that have been on the building table for quite a some time. As you can see, it's another steampunk lady, this time in remarkably large size, standing 42 cm tall, not counting the base. The MOC can stand without the stand, but it makes posing very challenging.

Origins of this MOC have nothing too interesting. I wanted to use some costume ideas I hadn't used with my previous steampunk girls. I began with the legs, as usually with female models. The lower legs are very similar to Samus's, with those beautiful Chima printed armors as kneeguards. The upper legs don't surprisingly use Rahkshi back guards, as I wanted to show some bare skin there. I also used tan as the skin color. It's harder to use than tan due to limited part array, but looks a lot more natural. I'm very happy with the legs overall.

The skirt was hard. It's more rigid than intended, but it looks quite good in my opinion, and makes the MOC sturdier. It uses one of those net pieces as the frame, and long brown plates are connected to it using 1x1 round plates. Dark brown 1x2 plates add some detail, and the front has shorter and more mobile skirt.

The upper body is actually connected via one stud connected to a pin hole, but it is surprisingly sturdy and rarely falls off.

The dark red corset it similar in design to Alice Nautia's, but of course a lot bigger. The upper torso is pretty basic stuff, but I'm happy with the color blocking there. The arms are very similar to Qwena's, with a bit shorter sleeves and lower arm guards. The tan bits balance the color scheme.

The head was challenging. The head is always challenging. I wanted to make a bit more detailed face than in the most of my steampunk ladies, but it's very hard to build realistic faces that are not humorous. I simply took different shaped tan bits and fiddled around with them. I build another version with goggles earlier, but it was too tapering and tall. This one uses old good batarang eyelashes, but the head it a bit more shaped in general than before. The hat was originally sort of a pie hat, but turned into a cap because the ponytail blocked the back trim.

The photographing was hard as I haven't seen the sun for around two weeks. It's quite dark even in the midday this north, so I had Alina finished on table for a couple of weeks. Today I just went out and took the photos, and the light was somewhat enough. I have currently some new stuff to post already photographed, so I believe I can post stuff a bit more often than during this November (Three MOCs).



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