And then there was a Steampunk Figbarf

 Yep, this is what I call steampunk figbarf, and I bet it needs no another explanation.

Captain William F. Scandalburg is the leader of "Home Security Guard", which is  not at all about home security, but about overly patriotic plans  including building a new dictatorship, tearing a few enemy flags with remarkably big cannons and settling the state a bit further to east, north, west and south. He's a very brisk and active man.
 Albert Tingelton is and inventor. Not of the mad type, though he has a attic room in an old manor, he uses lightning rods to power up his creations and he often tries to create new races of mechanical humanoid beings. But he's very punctual and likes to have a cup of tea and some biscuit with his friends and he never laughs madly, not even when winning a backgammon match.
 The Lady in Red, name unknown is a mystical and very rich woman who often donates decent sums of money to art galleries, promising painters and other intellectual activities. She has a disruptive sort of laugh and so much red clothes on that they say there must be an air conditioner inside.
 David Ernest Carriage is a passionate automobile hobbyist. He buys the latest replacement parts for his steam-powered rides from mailorder catalogues and cruises around the town with his driving goggles and waxed moustache. Likes good bread, by the way.
Marie-Ann Homburgton is one of these housemaids that could have put something of that old baron's drink before he passed out unexpectedly, or somehow let the boa into the duke's bedroom shortly before hes was turned into a glump of organic mass inside the giant reptile monster. But there has not been any evidence, so we can not suppose to much.



Samuel Willmot said...

Lo! The figbarfs have returned. I love it!

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