MOC: Tawa (Well, that was a surprise, right)

 Yes, it's Toa Tawa, the leader and founder of Bio-Klaani on Klaanon project again. Of all Klaanon characters, Tawa is the one I have built most versions of; all of then can be found on Brickshelf if you want to look for them (I don't remove my work from Brickshelf no matter how bad it looks today), and even this blog has F O U R different version. Oh my. The reasons are simple - The color scheme, yellow and purple (old good energic purple, not the current dark and boring one), is damn hard to work with, especially on elegant character like Tawa here. But this version is different, I think. You can see why.

It's the head, if you didn't notice. One of Tawa's most iconic features is her special Hau with trans-blue lens. The previous versions used old basic Hau in yellow, and it might have looked alright for people not familiar with Klaanon (so that's pretty much everyone who doesn't speak Finnish, because Klaanon, huge multi-author novel project, is entirely in Finnish), but for Klaanon writers and artists (All of whom are close friends of mine) it just never looked right. Plus the orgulous and somewhat masculine look on Hau never worked with Tawa's (usually) gentle personality.

So I built the mask. And even though proudness is pretty much a deadly sin in Finnish culture, I can say that I'm pretty darn happy with it. Look, I even got the grills on the cheeks.

The legs are taken from the old version, as they evolved with every revamp and ended up quite nice (but too long for the torso back then) on the latest one, posted in last summer. The last version felt quite good when I posted it, but seeing it on daily basis on my shelf just fed me up with the oddly-shaped torso (very thick from back to stomach and way too short and with the neck joint way too back) and destroyed it and tried to fiddle with the new one. It wasn't easy, but I think it turned out well. I'm glad I bought lots of yellow HF sets when those were common (well, they are not rare in the latest waves neither, but hey).

The arms are very SYSTEM-heavy. The tan skeleton arm fingers stand out a bit, but they are lot better than the droid arms on the last one, and these SYSTEM arms are more realistic and hold the weapons more naturally. The lower arm armor keeps falling of, but I quite like it, and at least it's purple.

Tawa also has a little friend here, Nöpö, the mascot dwarf Ussal crab of Bio-Klaani. I've build Nöpö before, and won the second (and the second last) building contest on Bio-Klaani forum with it. This new version is in the right scale with most of my current creations. Definitely adds play value.

The weapons have been featured before, but the lew arms and hands allow more dynamic posing. The old arms, especially the shoulders, were horrible; I can't think how I managed with them for years. Anyway, here's plenty of shots with action posing, photographed couple of weeks ago at our back yard with 1 degree celcius (still not enough for season) and very cold and stiff fingers. Enjoy.



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