Oh boy Steampunk Figbarf!

 Here's the second SPFB for this early December. These gentlefolk are a bit more adventurous than the ones on the previous barf!
Esk Ommanuel is a mechanic who has taken part on many expeditions to south, including savannas of Africa, uplands of  India and mountains of Argentina. She is widely knows of her coarse sense of humour.
Colonel Crabbel Smatherton used to be a decent blue-collar worker in a factory that makes wheels for trains, but once he got a decrease of salary and lost his two-week annual holiday, he rose to a rebellion a built himself a suit or armour using the machinery in the factory. He had a massive brawl with his bosses and got his vacation and old salary back.
Miss Ellen Hyderland is an avenger girl fighting for justice. She is deeply inspired by work of Miss Evelin Sharley, the original Rapier-For-Bastards fightress. Hyderland is not getting the grasp of the job yet, though. She has problems on sniffing the dirty money, and her skirts keeps getting between the doors ans stuff. And the brass sword, despite how good it looks, isn't quite as sharp as one made of cold steel would be.
Unlike Esk Ommanuel, Edwin Arvondsen likes the northern hemisphere better. He has discovered many arctic regions from his hot air balloon. His very warm clothed and accessories (Bear skin cape, reindeer fur and leather hat, wool coat, bushy moustache) protect him from wind and snowfall.
"Jump-Kick" Maingermund is one of the champions in "Shoot 'n' Run", an extreme sport combining show wrestling and biathlon. It consist of three armor-clad teams shooting each other with weak ray guns in diverse environments. The skeptics say that the sport is only the government's plan to train a special elite unit for military use, though.



Samuel Willmot said...

Ooh! I especially like Colonel Smatherton and Edwin Ardvonsen. May I ask whose torso & legs were used with the Colonel?

Eero said...

Thanks! They are from Infearno minifig from the Ultra Agents line; The surfboard guy on fire.

Samuel Willmot said...

Oh thanks! I've actually been eyeing that set for a while - maybe I'll buy it now.

Samuel Willmot said...

Do you think that a Cyclop's head and the Goblin's torso (from Collectable Minifigs Series 13) would go well together?

Eero said...

That sounds quite cool idea - and I have the new goblin already. Might give it a try.

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