MOC: Captain Notfun

 Yarr. This is Captain Notfun, probably the most unlucky and eccentric of all the pirates of the Silver Sea. Well, the captain part is a bit controversial, as he has lost his ship (Floating Plank/Timo of the Night(`/Timo of the Night II) and crew (stolen by the brooding bounty hunter Amazua). But he has the hat, a peg leg, an artificial hand (not a hook though) and he loves rum (which usually is gone too).

And yep. Captain Notfun is my first entry for Battle for the Golden Masks contest around the Internet. You know, build a villain they said. Piratism is evil, despite Notfun usually co-operating with the good guys on the Klaanon story... There is lots of entries on the contest so far, some great, some twisted, but few with humorous attitude.

As the MOC Notfun is simple, but offered some challenges. I needed enough pirate-stuff to make Notfun yarrr enough. The peg leg and the mechanical hand were described on the story (around three years ago, by the way), as well as the light stone connected to the Maxilos mask (though is might have been a LED light at some point). I added the leather jacket and the pirate-neck thing, and built a flintlock and a pirate hat; connecting it wasn't that easy, but T-bar saved the day, as usual. The dagger is probably my favourite part of the MOC; I actually photographed Notfun and came up with the Genie lamp idea afterwards and had to take new photos a week later.



Samuel Willmot said...

Arr! That be a fine pirate ye have thar!

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