MOC: The Diver

 This is the diver. Most likely a holy one, often spending time in the midnight sea or riding some tigers.

No, honestly, everyone likes old-style scuba suits. They are cool. They are very, very steampunk even though being a real part of the history of adventure. I have explored this concept before with my Big Daddy, which is one of my most popular MOCs ever and still credits for about the half of the views on this blog. This time I wanted to build a realistic suit a human could use.

It had been a while since building a large male figure, and I ended up using around 50% SYSTEM and 50% Bionicle/TECHNIC. The helmet was the first part to be build, using Lowell sphere and some SNOT to get the inverted window piece right, and then some odd offset to be make the shoulder ball joint connections. The arms were easy and straightforward, using Roborider halves (great pieces, jolly good) and a double socket on the elbow for better poseability. The hand design is taken from Big Daddy.

I know from the beginning I was going to build a big collar using brick hinges. I added a couple of brass buttons as a color splash to give a contrast with earth-shaded, tattered color scheme using both old and new greys and browns. The diver ended up having even a some sort of six-pack.

The legs were a bit tricky. Roborider halves saved the day again, and I managed to buy another brown Belville saddle from a LUG exhibit to use those as the ankle guards; I had had one on a tablescrap on a shelf for years. Chain links made a nice shape on the lower legs, and Mantax feet with some weighs worked nicely as the metal shoes. The knees have double joints and the hips are strenghtened via frictions joints, making diver quite a poseable for its size.



Unknown said...

Isn't that a...3-pack? :P

JK, really nice build. I love the shaping on the feet. :)

Samuel Willmot said...

Very well done! Love all the unique pieces and how you incorporated them!

Tate said...

Fantastic...it's been blogged! http://brickology.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-diver.html

Eero said...

Thanks guys, approved! Yeah, I'd call it 3-pack... Every day is 3-pack day.

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