MOC:The Town Hall of Brasshill

Good day, readers, and apologies for unactivity lately. I spent the last weekend on LUG Exhibit in Lelukauppa Pii Poon LEGO-rakennustapahtuma in Vantaa and on Wednesday night I got a nasty flu; But here's a big sort of steampunk MOC from the exhibit, built as a part of 160x160 steampunk collaboration creation with Janne Kalliola and Tuomas Kukkamaa. You can see photos of the whole thing here.

 This is likely my biggest creation so far. This is quite close to Brassport and The Twisted Victorian from last year. It began in July with the underground station, using lot of those black girder pieces I had bought recently. The base for the collaboration was going to be quite high, 7 bricks, so I was able to build the station partly under the ground level; But I also wanted it to be extensive with a high ceiling, using new-ish gothic arches, so it deemed a building outside it. I went with some shop windows as I planned to build a Harrold-style grand emporium, but I went with a Town Hall with hostage situation instead; I left the display windows there anyway, as there sometimes is things like that on train stations etc. I used all my medium dark flesh brick bricks there. Inside the station I left lot of studs to display my numerous steampunk minifigs waiting for the train. I also build the underground air pressure engine with some heavy spotlights to light up the tunnels.

I wanted to add all sorts of tasteless Victorian pompousness to the town hall. There's a clock tower, with Ninjago spinner used on the clock-face, and an organ (built using golden gate pieces) with robotic player to add steampunk vibe. Fabuland 3x6x5 arches are used here in similar way than in The Twisted Victorian, though windows inside them are not all the same as I didn't have enough of one type... Lot of girders are used to add a bit of industrial influence. I'm quite happy with the coat-of-arms featuring a falcon. I originally built it in white with magenta background, but altered the color scheme to give it a good fit. Above the entrace there is a couple of horse statues and an Atlas figure holding a big SNOT lamp similar to the geezer on this vignette.

The MOC also features a bit of a lane and a park with autumnal trees. I had always wanted to use spears to build a London-style park fence, and after getting a lot of those dark orange and dark red leaves I had a chance to build beautiful autumnal foliage.

The best part on MOCs like this setting on the figures to tell small stories. There is a hostage situation in the Town Hall, where a gang of gangsters are assaulting Prime Minister Churston Windmill and the other important people of the contry. Their heist isn't going that well, though. There's the police service at the door, with "superbobby" Nicholas Franrike making a steam wall to ensure the charge. And then one of the hostages is hiding a rapier behind her back and she's definitely ready to use it. And then... There's The League of Extraordinry Gentlemen (the original comic book version, pictures will come some day...) on the roof near the dome ready to interfere with Mr. Quatermain's elephant gun, Nemo's cutlass and Dr. Jekyll's alter ego to name a few.

At the lane adventurer Howard H. Brundenberg is driving  his sidecar-trike with his wife while the crown is running in panic to take cover. At the park Prime Minister's wife Mrs. Margaret Windmill is having a walk with his assistant Lisbeth Hendawn, convinced that his husband will keep out of problems.

That's all being said, and here's some more pictured to enjoy and look around at Brasshill!



Samuel Willmot said...

So perfect! Love all the tecniques used here, and spotting all the minifigs from previous figbarfs. :D

Werewolf said...

Oi wau!! Todella inspiroivia kuvia!!^_^ täytyy varmaa kaivaa vintissä olevat legot esille ja uppoutua legomaailmaan!!^_^

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