MOC: Vapour-trike Rhebok

 This steampunk vehicle, a trike built by inventor Howard H. Brundenberg, was featured in Brasshill diorama, but here's some individual photos.

This creation was not going to be a trike from the beginning. Actually I was building a market stall car, something like this. The wheels, constructed using a second smallest carriage wheel and an old big car tyre were part of the original concept, as was the olive green hood. But then I though Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot's "Fardier à vapeur" ("Steam wagon") from 1769, the first engine-powered vehicle ever, and wanted to build something similar with Coruscant planet as the round boiler. The planet turned out to be way too big for the wheels and the space on the diorama, so I ditched it, but went with a whacky trike anyway.

The side car is the main element here. Side cars are cool. I'm not sure if that really counts as a side car, as it's part of the vehicle (which would fall without it) and is driven from it; The box behind the boiler is for the engineer, who in this case is Mr. Brundenberg's wife, Catherine. I really like the big lamp here; usually big round lamps make vehicles look pleasant to my eye. I'm sure I'll use it in future builds too  - It uses a 3x3 dish inside the 3x3 turrent, one of my favourite odd pieces.



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