MOC: An Unexpected Party

This 16x16 vignette was built for Eurobricks' Middle Earth Contest category C, There and Back Again. It has, as you can observe, seven of the thirteen dwarves pillaging poor Bilbo Baggins' pantry. Bombur is showing menacing interest towards cheese, Bofur and Nori are fighting for a sausage and Dori is offering wizard Gandalf a glass of wine to mention few.

This vignette is sort-of side project of my old, but still ongoing Bag End project. I used some parts of it here, but as I had a lot less room to work with, I went with more detailed and polished style. I wonder if I should re-engineer the bigger project on this style with 16x16 modules and TECHNIC pin connections.

The middle part here is a SNOT section with a four-stud long round walkway to the pantry. It was rather challening, as it's half a stud lower than the rest of the walls; the difference is hidden inside the ceiling.

Posing the figures was the most interesting part on this. Bombur with cheese was there from the beginning (He'll eat them by block!) and the sausage incident is seen in the trailer of An Unexpected Journey. Originally Bilbo was standing next to Gandalf, but I replaced him with Dori and the wine as a reference to the little scene in the film.



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