MOC: Alice Nautia

 It has been a two weeks gap between this and the latest post. I have been busy at work (Civilian service on Police station - cleaning cars, sorting warehouses, that sort of handyman work), I spent last weekend at our summer cottage and the days are turning dark here on north anyway, which is a bit problematic for the photographing. And then there's this one LUG exhibit on Vantaa on next weekend, Lelukauppa Pii Poon rakennustapahtuma, where I'm taking part on two collaboration works, one for steampunk and one for castle, and I have been finishing those things (8 32x32 modules in total, two of them are water).

And then the MOC. Yep, another steampunk girl á la Bricks of Character. The scale is bigger than on those posted in March and April, but obviously smaller than Brenda's and Qwena's. This was supposed to be a Bionicle MOC, with the basic idea of steering joints and 3x3 cones as thighs, so this MOC actually uses a Metru Hip piece. That's a bit ironic as I usually don't use it on Bionicle MOCs because it's too big and has bad connection points...

The legs were quite simple, 2x2 round tiles with holes (lovely pieces indeed, and they should make them in other colors too), a few smooth tires and boots similar to those SYSTEM MOCs linked above. The skirt was an impulse addition, but it folded out very nicely and formed a fish's tail looking thing, that ended up creating an ocean theme for this MOC - see the head jewellery and the octopus hair...

I also built a corset and a perfectly steampunk cliché one; I like it, as the design is very simple using pretty much 1x2 slopes and 1x2 plates in dark brown connected on those odd stud bar things. The upper torso included some rather challenging shaping, but ended up quite good: I just hope they will release 1x2 half round plates some day. The neck is a bit too think on some angles, but looked definitely better than 1x1 brick.

I'm very happy with the hair. It took time to come up with a good design, but Metru chest armors, a surprising piece for hairdo, saved the day. I knew that octopus was going to be there since the skirt, and Atlantic squid key worked well enough with it.

The arms are simple and similar to Miss Orchard's, with big upper sleeves and (supposedly?) long gloves with some jewellery. There is a double joints on elbows to allow better posing.



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