Brickfilm: Vanhan Ukon Humppa (Old Geezer's Humppa)

 Behold! Vanhan Ukon humppa by Vuhvelituontanto/Eläkeläiset!

(No old people were harmed during the production.)

(I would have embedded it but that was impossible; see Karaoke version here.)

Now, this isn't the most common type of a LEGO creation you see on this page! This stop motion Brickfilm was filmed in, if I remember correctly, on November of the last year by Vuhvelituotanto, an independent film production consisting of me and my friend, sometimes known as Humppakeksi. We were asked to do the video for the band Eläkeläiset (an finnish folk-ish oompah group that makes excellent humppa covers on classic songs, mostly) after the release of their newest CD/LP Humppakalmisto.

We had done a music video of their song Jukolan Humppa earlier for LUG Palikkatakomo RY's video contest. That was not released by the band officially, though, and it didn't have to whole song. This time we had a bit shorter song and more experience. Division of work was same as earlier: I built the MOCs (a cottage with old/new modes; a gloomy nursing home room; a piece of a street; part of Finnish House of Parliament's facade with stairs. Humppa Pub was used for playing sections as before.) and he edited the video. The "script" was mostly done by me while building the props, though I have to say it's mostly on the lyrics. You likely won't understand a bit of them, but I'll add a translation later when I have more time. It's about the bad situation of the eldery, terrible state of affairs and questionable political activities. Until then... Humppa or die!




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