Hobbitsplosion Part I: Ori

And here we go, the first part of this world-changing Hobbitsplosion (though you might be reading these posts on wrong order, you dog! No, that was too bad; You cat!), the last of the dwarves, Ori, brother of Dori and Nori. In the films, Ori is a young and soft dwarf, well portrayed by British actor Adam Brown. Ori was the last dwarf I built because his color scheme was definitely one of the hardest and well, he doesn't have much of a beard and the beards are usually the most interesting parts to build and start with.

There were few alternative color options for Ori's lavenderish coat. Old sand purple or new lavender from Friends line could have been best-looking shade-wise, but there isn't many good parts available in those colors and man they are expensive. So I went with the regular dark purple, color that TLG used in their Ori minifig. I bought some stuff from Bricklink, grill tiles, 2x3 slopes and 2x2 round bricks and threw together a working torso for the head I had built already (wasn't hard as there isn't much detail, pot hair, a couple of braids and that's it) and attached a pair of arms with ball joints on elbows (funny thing that they make those in dark purple) and traditional T-bar shoulders. It's not extraordinarily ingenious, but I like the way how the rough grey scarf, angled belt and knife and the bag's strap add some contrast to the basic brick-built base. The back is done with 180 degree SNOT and a car hood piece. Bag's strap uses fisherman's cord piece in similar way that Bofur's hair and Fili's belt did, and the bag features some writing accessories as Ori is something like the company's scribe.

Ori's weaponry is simple as he has only a small knife and a slingshot, but the latter was not that simple to build with the bricks. The wooden part was easy alright, but the the rubber cord thing... damn. I went with a two clip-bars holding a thin pneumatic hose holding minifig hands. It has a bit too much black in my opinion, but I think it's alright and of course am pleased to hear any improvement ideas.

And then... All the small hairy men are finished, but just above there should be one tall hairy man and an even shorter small feet-hairy man! And loads of group shots that deemed some improvisation on the topic of backdrop and photographing!



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