MOC: Exo-Dwarfsuit 3.0

The steam technology of Dwarven Low Kingdom has taken a new step. Borgan Hammerhock's Exo-Dwarfsuit features a new furious weapon: A Dragon flamepipe. Dwarven alchemists spent decades to solve the secrets of articfically creating dragon-flame, and now the guardsdwarves can shoot fiery death into anyone who tries to take down their mines. The suit naturally has also a old good warhammer for close-combat situations.

This is an entry for Eurobricks' Dress my Exo-Suit Mini Challenge. Some of you probably already noticed that it is built on Exo-Suit frame. The theme is Fantasy Era Castle. I wanted to build steampunk (so surprises here) so I went back into dwarfpunk business. If Fantasy Era dwarves had exo-suits, they definitely would work on steam. I tried Rock Raiders and Monster Fighters, and even had some ideas for The Hobbit suits, but went with this design. It is sort of a succesor of Aulëthur dwarfsuit from 2012 and the Dwarfsuit from 2010. These things seem to turn up every other year, it seems. I had to ditch the barrel halves on the shoulders due to the limits of the frame, but I used three of them around the MOC instead.
The build was quite straightforward after I had chosen the theme. There are some dwarven elements visible, like the axe armoring. I also wanted to use the cloth piece (car roof from Indiana Jones set) to add some contrast. Piping on the back adds steampunk feel and so on. I wish I could have made the upper arms better, but the frame isn't very friendly to customizer around there. Most of the armor add-ons killed the mobilty, and I had to use three-long axles to deactivate the best connection points. But a man can't always win, and probably not even on the every other time.



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