MOC: Womba the Stalwart

 My educational period is over and my job starts on Monday, so I'm back in the usual evenings-and-weekends building business. This is Womba the Stalwart, a little MOC a threw together yesterday evening/today morning. It was not based on any WIP nor tablescrap, I had just some pieces laying around on the Bionicle table and they turned out to be this guy - firstly the legs, then the torso, arm, head and the weapons.

To be honest, I have no sense who Womba is. At least he's stalwart and seems to guard something, and his wardrobe doesn't seem to be that cheap either. His leg guards have seen some battle and he has done something to earn his title. But what he is? Wombat, frog, turtle or what? No sense. But I guess he is related to some of Djorkson's MOCs. Those weren't source of inspiration at first, but when I though about the Mixel eyes for this, I knew instantly to whose style I would owe to. He's a jolly good builder.

This MOC is relatively simple (Because it's rather small) but has naturally a trick or two. I'm very happy with the chest armor, even though I think it has been use before. It's very sturdy as it's supported by clip plates and a bar. Boat stud joints are used on the the arms. Boat studs are awesome, got 20 black from Bricklink a month ago. Don't know what I would be doing without them.
 And I finally got an use for Fire Laval's cool flame shield. I had been waiting for a good reason to use it for a while.



Samuel Willmot said...

Womba the Stalwart, Guard of the Ancient Bug-Eyed Relics.

Tate said...

Nice! Blogged! http://brickology.blogspot.com/2014/09/a-bionicle-twosome.html

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