Hobbitsplosion part IV: The Company of Thorin Oakenshield

 Behold (I've always wanted to say that)!

The Company of Thorin Oakenshield project is now finally completed.

Alright, it was completed last Sunday, but due to my educational period of civil service, I didn't have time to post it until now... There was lot to photograpth, lot to photo edit and finally, lot to write in the previous three posts.

This was a fun project, rather original one if you don't mind me saying. It took 656 days counting from Balin Bust posted before the premiere of An Unexpected Journey, or 580 days if counting from the posting date of Balin & Dwalin. That is around 10% of my current life, and that sound quite lot if you ask me! Naturally all the positive feedback I got during the project on Flickr, Eurobricks and Palikkatakomo plus from friends from Bio-Klaani and surrondings gave me heaps of inspiration. This wasn't a project at the beginning. I just threw together Balin and Dwalin and Oin and Bifur and Thorin and there I went... And then somebody asked if I'll build Gandalf and Bilbo and I said that yes, why not? And I'm glad I did, as they are iconic characters and turned out decent.

Photographing this lot was interesting and deemed some DIY skills. I found some plywood plates from our garage and taped some black cardboard on it for the platform and then did the same thing for the backdrop. I used garden table for support and spend a couple hour in crispy late August weather. The wind caused the backdrop to fall about three times killing some of the dwarves - At least Dori and Fili exploded once. I rebuilt them, of course, but that was slightly irritating to say at least. The sunlight was another thing - I can't take photos with direct light, and had to use big sheets of cardboard as a shade... But I overcome with those problems and here we are, with some group shots, shots of every "family" and even portraits of all the MOCs with black blackdrop. Now I'll just wait for a convention to get these fellows on round!



Samuel Willmot said...

Just incredible! You have to be my favourite builder out there!

Amir Effendi said...

You're good!

matka said...

Wow! i usually don´t like big figures from Lego. But your dwarfs are awesome! Every dwarf has your own face, own accesories. Each of them has different shoes, facial hair. Very much nice details. Super imaginative application of items. You are super builder!

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