MOC: Annya

Howdy, guys and girls. The first week of of my civil service's educational period is over and I'm currently home for the weekend, listening to a Motörhead live LP and waiting for the sauna to warm up. An yes, writing a blog post about a new Bionicle MOC, fightress Annya. This one was build week and a half ago, but I had loads of stuff to post back then.

There were several ideas behind this MOC. The most important of them is the use of chain as - surprise! - chain mail. I like the effect achieved with them and other armor layers. The other ideas was simply centered around a Bricklink order where I got those tan Roborider halves (they are lovely pieces, having smooth surface and simple shape with loads of axle holes) and a tan odd face-slopes. I have used to before on MOCs like Lady Liberty 3001 and Floresta but didn't have tan ones before, and tan's the most realistic skin opinion around there. There can be seen some influences of my old MOC Neyva from 2010. I dare to say I have got better with this, at least if looking the anatomy..

The build was fun and enjoyable as a hobby should be. There were some problems with the upper torso, but some tactical curved slopes and TECHNIC cams solved them. I wanted Annya to be rather muscular and strong-looking, with armored skirt with layered mail to enhance femininity. The main color was going to be dark red on the beginning, but I changed it to green as I haven't done lot of green MOCs lately. I saved the red legs for another MOC though.

The boots are similar to my basic female feet style, but the knee joint has basic liftarm instead of cams for mobility's sake. I wanted this MOC to be agile, and it worked quite well, as you can see on the photos. The skirt is connected on a way that allows some great posing and the chain flows as a chain should.

I'm especially pleased with a sword. There is not many simple and straight one-edged Bionicle blades, and ones like Lewa's air catanas are still way too overused (in sets, at least). Matau's blades have a bad axle connection, but fortunately the boat stud/turntable top pin hole connection saved the day, again, and those ninjago spinner blades, jolly good pieces, made a nice hand guard. The head was another challenge. She has sort of a nun-like headdress, but I believe it is a some kind of helmet to finish the armor. The face is quite small but I think it looks fine as it is one of those stylised ones anyway.



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