Steampunk Minifigure Barf: These are not going to end very soon.

 Here's one of these figbarfs things, this time with some newish pieces or recolors bought from LEGO's bricks&pieces.
 Miss Harriet Wonderboom is one of the ladies who use to attends these "high-class adventure activities". Golden bits in her adventure costume would raise dozen beggars to middle-class, but at least she learns some skills that might come handy id her family's big bearing-making company makes a bankruptcy.
 James L. Bangordon is the spokesman of unlucky miner's guild. The name of the guild is not very good though, as most of the incidents take place because bad planning, rotten supports and lack of occupational safety and health. Expect if you believe in things like luck and things like that.
 Rowena O. Onnet is a brave commoner with incredible skill of rollerblading on rough and patchy cobblestone streets. Her think leather bodice and skirt with a pair of boots, gloves and pads give her protection while leaving the joints free for mobility. Top-class goggles are obligatory on high speeds, of course.
 Baron Schaufen von Pavdrauger might have been dead for forty or fifty years, but folk don't seem to get irritated by that. Yep, his arm might suddenly fall of during a country fair, but he always buys lot of pies, pays the prizes for the cricket cup and is always polite to everyone. That his life, or whatever, after all.
Lady Mathilda Ainerdale is one of these fine ladies of steam, daughters of the Victorian era and its new possibilities. Or something dramatic like that. She likes to be dramatic and wears a well-made crimson overcoat with a top-class dress.



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