MOC: Crab Beast

 Here's another of these black-backdrop MOCs. This big guy was built on late spring/early summer, but I didn't take photos until yesterday because black and white is horrible to photograph. These tunred out excellent though, if you ask me.
 This almost counts as a Hero Factory MOC, as there are strong Invasion from Below vibes here. Or, in other hand, just old-school Japanese Kaiju culture vibes. Either way, I've always liked the look of Carapar's face, and luckily it comes in three colors. This one, black with marbled white, came in Toa Terrain Crawler (Toa Maggot Bus if you ask me...) and is rarely seen in MOCs. I've used it once before, years back, but didn't find the photos.

As you can see, this fellow has a HF skeleton and even the torso piece which I rarely use (except on WIP stands). Of course they are layered with slizer feet and other everyday stuff, but still... And look, there's even some rubber joint supports to hold those giant pincers! I got the idea years back, when I was building the old version of Avde, and finally used it there. Fortunately I got two of Ogel's Mutant Killer Whales as a birthday gifts when I turned I guess 8.

I wanted to keep the legs thin and mollusk-like to create a contrast with the arms and pincers. It created a nice top-heavy look. The tail makes it a bit less human, while a dinosaur arm as a back toe adds support and allows better posing. The back is spiny as crabs use to be.



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This is brilliant!

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