Black backdrop is the new black: Two dynamic duos

This post includes two duo that unlikely have ever anything in common, but I don't feel writing different posts as the other one is just a cool pair pose of MOCs that I couldn't have photographed together before because black and white is gorram hard to shoot.

Firstly there's Balin and Dwalin, the first dwarves build for my Company of Thorin Oakenshield, originally posted in February 2013. These have, as you may notice, came through some mods and tweaks and updates. Dwalin's beard is better now, with more realistic nose and a bit of minifig hand magic. His boots are a bit further away from each other, the belts are angled in a better way, the bald is less studdy and the shoulder line is straighter.

Balin has got some muscle in his shoulders, a new nose, dark orange boots and least but not last his mace, which is not really a mace but something between an axe and a sword. Not very sharp, but it's LEGO, after all. Black backdrop makes it possible to photograph Balin's white beard decently, and in my opinion it looks a lot better. Saty tuned for more Dwarf group photos when the company is done - Ori is on WIP stage, head and one hand done and Bricklink order with dark purple incoming.
 Aaand here's Bladis and Same, moderator duo (or married couple) from Klaanon, first time in group shot. There's some minor tweaks on both of them, but the main point here is that they're in the same photograph, which means someone's neck is going to snap and something is going to explode.



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