MOC: There's no accounting for taste

 This is my entry for this year's summer building competition on Palikkatakomo, the Finnish LUG. The theme of the contest was to build something based on a traditional Finnish proverb. I chose "Makuasioista ei voi kiistellä" which translates neatly into "there's no accounting for taste" and fortunately makes it possible to understand the MOC in English too. It's simple - A geezer's having his dinner in a restaurant, but the dinner appears to be something complete nonsense. Tee hee hee. Such fun!

There were no limits on scale or technique, so I went with figures quite near to Miniland scale. Basically they are similar to my steampunk ladies posted in March this year. I had two tablescraps lying around, the heads of the figures - One with beard built using Technic cams and one with that waitress-style head thing, what ever it is called. I browsed though Finnish proverbs on Wikipedia and ended up with this one.

I hadn't build scenes with larger figures for some time, so I had to pay extra attention on posing of the figures. Granddad with the cam beard looked rather stunned already, and I gave him a little hunched pose to enhance the effect. The waitress had to have a smart posing as she is giving the cheeky comment. 4x4 studless wedges gave nice shape to her dress, and I'm especially pleased with the pigtail hair.

The set-up is quite basic restaurant stuff. Building tricks include whips as the back rest on chair and leaves embedded into 3x3x3 cone. The table is 100% SNOT and yes, that's an alive ostrich head on the menu.


PS. The educational period of my civil service begins on Monday and it takes four weeks. I'm able to reach Internet, but I can't build except on the weekends that I spend at home.


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