Steampunk minifig barf: flavours from Eastern Europe

Here's another batch, this time with some eastern European flavours. I wish no one would find these stereotypical - keep in mind that this is a twisted alternative history.

Anna Mardozky is a Polish woman with tendency of looking suspicious things out. She's curious and brave, sometimes too curious and brave, and uses to end up in some big problems. So far she has survived, though.
Bombstez Zoadanyc is Serbian private enterpriser on logistics business. His airship fleet transports everything to everywhere, expect, for some reason, donkeys, raisins and meat pasties WITH pickle (but separately they are fine). No one knows why, but a popular rumor says that his dark past has something to do with those things.
Austria aristocrat Jens Von Tromtryffe is the steadfast and old protector of his castle and mountain realm. His white bushy moustache and hair help him hiding in the snow white shooting deer, strangers, spy balloons and mountain goats.
Natashalia Svetnikova is upper-class lady living in the Imperial Union of Russia, Novgorod and United Stans. She's highly educated and traveled far, and definitely sure that her home empire so much more powerful and beautiful than those marmalade-eating buggers on their tiny island. Likes red wine. And red clothes.
Corporal Mahchinovost of the Red Army of the Imperial Union of Russia, Novgorod and United Stans. His high-tech armor is designed to be shown in parades, conferences, marches and congresses. It features warm and impressive hat, heating-up longcoated armor and power boots. Naturally it's so expensive that it's impossible to arm an army with those things...


Samuel Willmot said...

Keep the figbarfs coming! I can't get enough of all these zany citizens of steampunk :)

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