MOC: Visokki

 Today's (tonight's) Klaanon MOC is Visokki, one of the admins of Bio-Klaani. She is Vohtarak with powerful telepathic abilities, including strong mind-reading and probably even telekinesis powers. Despite being physically different from the other three (or two, as Ämkoo was a turncoat; the others are Tawa and Guardian) she's a trusted ally and friend.

This MOC is very simple, but it was not especially easy. I mean, she is just a Vohtarakt with black leg-ends, so the MOC was to be a Visorak revamp. I had tried to build Visokki few times before, the last try was in 2012, but they weren't very successful. But I did not have clear idea of a Visorak revamp until I came up with that leg idea yesterday. The legs of set Visorak always felt quite boring, as they were only basic canister humanoid legs with different feet. I wanted to make them creepier and more spider-like - we are talking about a species that destroyed many Rahi species. Some tentacles with sharp ends connected via boat-studs (one of my favorite pieces) did the job. The rest is just Visorak body with better armor and ball-joint-connected pincers; I left the upper legs armorless to make them more bug-like.



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