Old MOC revamp + rephotographing: Lady Liberty 3001

With Fili and Kili the amount of dwarves reached their "critical mass" and I had to rearrange my shelves. The dwarves formed a line on the top of it, and I moved MOCs displayed there to the lower shelves. This model, Lady Liberty 3000 3001 didn't fit there with her wings, though. I though should I sacrifice her to the gods of spare parts, but meh. I like this model quite a bit, but the color scheme makes it terrible to photograph. I took the challenge: Made some tweaks on the upper legs (inner side and back of the thighs were quite terrible), built a stand for some snazzy photos and used big black papers I happened to have as a backdrop. There was quite a thunderstorm near when I took the photos, but they came out quite well at all. Here's a set of seven and a couple of more in brickshelf, but those are not that good.


Samuel Willmot said...

You should put together a hit-team of all these great Bionicle warriors!

Unknown said...

One of my favorite mocs of all time.

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