MOC: General Killjoy

 Here's Killjoy, General of war technology organization The Black Hand. He is one of the more important characters on Klaanon, and I have built him two times before, in 2010 and 2011. Killjoy is Vahki-like creature with powerful battle armor. He is member of Bio-Klaani, but his true nature seems to be shady to say at least. Killjoy is equipped with twin ion catanas (Finally got use for those odd Belville doors - Bought them from Panzy-boe at Model Expo in 2011) and missile launchers (six in both, but they say he can generate new ones with his elemental powers; Bionicle Magic). The right arm is cannon arm; The hand is supposed to go inside of the gun in shooting mode, but it is not, of course, possible in the MOC.

This was rather fast and enjoyable build. I began it yesterday evening and finished, photographed and edited today. I started with the arms, which are quite basic stuff, and then went to the bulky shoulders (Got some HF pieces, including the shoulder pads, when I bough two Brain Attack Breznikovas (or Breezs) for 2€ each during a vacation trip), threw togethed the torso and the legs and built the helmet. The model is somewhat based on this picture, but I didn't use it as a fundamental reference and went with the flow instead. The helmet design is pretty much taken from there though (and it looks a bit like Ant-Man's helmet).

The MOC combines Bionicle, HF and SYSTEM parts as most of my action figures do.The helmet uses only SYSTEM, but in the other areas HF and Bionicle blend in quite balanced way. I think HF parts work well on Killjoy's battle armor, and some smooth Bionicle parts like rahksi head with similar pattern are used with them. Kalmah's foot, which is probably my favourite chest armor piece, makes comeback here. It was used on the two previous Killjoy versions too.

The lower legs are probably my favourite part on this. The knee joint has ball joint with hole, and its axle goes through the red Pahrak-kal shields to add extra support. The boots have rocket boosters on them, which means they had to be very sturdy, so I went with bulky mecha-like design. The Piraka arm on the front allows mobility to the feet as it is connected via ball joint. Mechanical shells work as rocket booster machinery. In the previous version the jetpack using same pieces was on his back, but that wasn't faithful to Klaanon.



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