MOC: The Ventriloquist

Good evening readers. Here's the second part of MOCs built before I started my job here in north. This guy is from Klaanon. He's one of Avde's puppets, group of mysterious, powerful and horrible creatures that Avde uses to gain his aspirations. The Ventriloquist seems to be the messenger. He has a long, tentacle-like arms. By attaching them to a corpse's brain he can talk thought the dead in a horrifying way.

 This MOC is a good example of a character that differs vastly from basic Bionicle MOC design. It's awesome that Klaanon offers inspiration for such builds. The scale of this guy is quite small too - he's supposed to be a bit bigger than average Toa, but Cubedude head idea with those old style tentacle arms led into this scale. The figure is almost completely black if not counting the whiteware mask. The torso is built around couple of Bohrok torso halves, rarely used piece with surprisingly cool shape, and the Mantax feet add some mass to the sides. As The Ventriloquist wasn't supposed to be a fighter or a runner, I gave him thin legs, awkward hips and a pair of flat feet to match the hunchback shape that is supposed to look wrong and creepy.

I also threw up a dead Matoran to be The Ventriloquist's puppet. His colors have faded during the centuries in the grave and his body is growing moss and mushrooms an his hand has dropped off. The leg design in terrible movement-wise but well, dead men don't have to be agile...



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