Fantasy Figs Barfed

 I'm currently in Northern Finland on summer job in camping area (Oulankajoki in Kuusamo; feel free to visit.) but I have some unposted material on to post with me... Here's a fantasy-themed minifig barf; Enjoy.

Schaul Von Tryffelripper, known as The Iron Baron, was son of famous explorer Samuel Von Tryffelripper, but he did not follow his father's footsteps discovering nature, native peoples' customs and making maps more accurate. Instead he became into a cruel imperialistic ruler who tried to conquer ancient civilizations. What a scumbag. 
Condrad Gistardo is Von Tryffelripper's right hand and a brutal sort of a man. He loves gold, but not as a material; In matter of fact he loves to steal, loot and plunder it. No wonder he's not the most popular man in the village.
Avista of Langavia is the priestess of ancient and highly civilized cult centered around birds. That might be seen in his fine and unbelievably valuable clothes and accessories that include 42 kilograms of gold. Her favourite food is worm soup
 Huisynda is one of the defendors of the mountain realm of Langavia. These warriors have developed a way to glide with wings made of eagle's feathers. They are not that effective warriors, though, as gold is the only metal they know and it's very heavy and gets blunt easily.
Mantapaulus is said to be a great wizard, but that might be only because he is an old and bearded hermit living in the wastelands with animals. He might be just an old man, but in that case he wouldn't be that interesting and people would not talk about him that much. He thinks it is alright to be said to be wizard, because advice-seeking travellers often bring him food and gifts.


Unknown said...

Love the first guy.

Samuel Willmot said...

Love them all - especially Mantapaulus and Schaul von Tryffelripper

Unknown said...

I like them! Especially Huisynda.Where's her torso piece from?

Eero said...


Huisynda's torso is from Cleopatra, from CMF series four or five.

Unknown said...

How do you attach those blades to chima armor?

Eero said...

They are attacked to the top parts of a 2x2 turntable plate. The lowest blades connect to Chima armor's back studs.

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