Klaanon-MOC madness: General Gaggulabio

 I spent few summer days with a friend and Klaanon-writer known as Snowman building the Klaanon characters that lack MOC art. This one is General Gaggulabio, a Skakdi leader who fought in Zakazian Civil War and later joined in the forces of Alliance, an evil league of evil (well, that's matter of perspective anyway) to destroy Bio-Klaani.

Gaggulabio is sort of a lovable fat-head bad guy straight from Saturday morning cartoons. He is an ex-baker. The etymology of the name might suggest something, but I'm not going to say more about it. He has a tall white hat and his broadsword is named Galmanlabio. General also smokes a lot Xian cigars (and also Steltian ones when he's out of Xians, but theyre cheap crap anyway). His armor (that has belly extension) has blackened over the years due to smoke and tar.

Gaggulabio was sort of a collaboration build. The jaws were made by Snowie (well, with my parts) for Zaiggera, a female Skakdi lieutenant. The jaws looked a bit too fat-headed, and we though they would be perfect for Gaggulabio, so I built the head and the rest of the MOC around it. The head is supposed to look a bit like Garai-head I used on Warrek with some more comedic elements. The black pieces are eyebrows, not eyes; the trans-orange cheese slopes are the eyes.

The limbs are very basic stuff. I wanted them to have ape-like proportions and very flat feet, as Gaggulabio is definitely not an agile fighter; he relies more on brute strenght, and when possible, on sending his minions to do the job. He hasn't fought a single time during the Klaanon yet.

And yes, he's riding a track-cat known as Muaka, just because track-cats are gorram cool.



Unknown said...

Kakkulapio. xD Kuinka hienoa nähdä välillä loistavia rakentajia Suomestakin! :D

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