MOC: Toa Tawa (Version fourty-five or something)

I posted the previous version of Toa Tawa (the founder and leader of Bio-Klaani in Klaanon) on last September, but here's another one fresh from the building table. I have build quite a lot versions of this character. I believe it is due to Tawa being an important character and, more pragmatically the color scheme being so damn tricky. The shoes are the biggest change here - nobody never liked those out-of-color scheme metru feet anyway. In my opinion the new ones are lot better than the old ones, though these are a bit too high-heel-like. Alright, the sole is very solid and thick. I would have made them lower, but that seemed quite a impossible in two-stud wide custom shoes with sideways (or whatever) ball socket.

As the legs became a bit longer, I reworked the torso and made it two studs taller. It was very tricky to get the shapes right there, as there is not many purple and yellow bionicle parts (And purple has been out of production for years). But I think I managed to achieve the shape quite well. In this version the proportions are more human.

There are also some other little tweaks. The limb fillings are a bit more aerodynamic, there are some flippers to cover some holes and the knee joints have those traditional joint dishes. Banana armor and and the red admin-stone are still there, of course.



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