A sort of a small redux on Steampunk Qwena

As I have noted before, I often do a little mods and corrections on older creations displayed on my shelfs. Buying three Mixels sets (Shuff, Zaptor and Flain) gave me some glorious eye-patterned WHITE ball joints, which made it finally possible to make Steampunk Qwena's neck all-white, and it seemed to be worth of posting; and the old photos of this outfit wasn't that good, which was another reason. There are a couple of other tweaks too. The stomach piece is brown, the hip case is gone (don't know why, but this way the dress seems more homogeneous (what a cool word) and there is more dark red in the upper torso. The shoes are different. I quite liked the heavier boots on the previous photos, but then again the shape didn't really work. But hey, I'm not going to babble more about this, you can read the rest about this model on the old post from summer 2013; but enjoy the photos anyway.


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