MOC: Toa Korpraun

 After a figbarf, steampunk creation and dwarf it's naturally time for a Bionicle MOC. This is Toa Korpraun from Klaanon project. He is a Toa of Stone and the protector of the Step of Tahtorak, a Matoran village on the Northern part of the Island of Bio-Klaani. The village is located between Mount Ämköö Guartsumountain but is currently abandoned because the war against the Nazorak Empire, reign of roach-like rahi species.

Korpraun wears a traditional colorful outfit over his tan Toa armor. It includes also a tall felt hat with four cones and numerous flags in blue, red and yellow, representing the rising sun over the icy fells. This motif is also seen on his many spears. The colors and hats are inspired by Sami people living in the Northern Europe, including the Finnish Lapland.

This was a fun build. Korpraun was loosely described on Klaanon a few months ago, as a robust light-brown Toa of stone with the hat and many spears. My MOC came out as somewhat more athletic and I also continued the Sami motif on the armor. There is also some asymmetry as Korpraun has a armor on the other shoulder and pendant sash on the other. The hat was a perfect fit on noble Huna (A 1x2 liftarm inside it goes into the hole on Huna's forehead) and I thought it looked good on it as I'm a big fan of 2001 Kanohi (and naturally there is best selection of those available). The color motif continues to the kneecaps.

The color scheme was rather challenging, especially the tan parts. I used most of Vorox's tan, some Roborider and Slizer parts and even some SYSTEM (dark tan 4x4 curved wedges, good stuff). The "destroyer droid foot" connector block is one seed part here, giving nice organic shape on the legs and lower torso.

Korpraun has five spears (should have given six as it's always six, but ran out of ideas and connection points) of three types. He has one long-bladed and colorful Sunrise Spear (the main Toa tool), two medium-sized one (for throwing, with bionicle minifigure weapons as blades) and two small ones (Probably to arm Matoran guards on tricky situations). Unlike the most Toas he doesn't magically hide his tools inside his back armor but keeps them visible as banner or deterrent. Korpraun is said to be a bit stubborn, but he is popular among his people and a worthy warrior.

I have some other Klaanon MOCs built, so keep an eye for more Bionicle stuff on the following days.


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