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 The dwarves are here again. Or at least one of them. I couldn't bring the gang to Model Expo this year because I had too much ofter stuff (I had a big dwarf fortress. It was completely destroyed in the cardboard box during the way back. I'm glad that the big dwarves (ironic eh) didn't meet the same fate). But now I'm only two away from the adventure - Fili and Ori are still missing, and then there's of course Gandalf and the hobbit itself, Bilbo, but that will be another story. No wait. The story is the Hobbit.

Baaaack to topic. Kili, potrayed bu award-winning Aidan Turner, is one of the younger dwarves. He is the handsome one, with small prostectics and only a stubble. Guess how hard that is to achieve with simple blocky bricks! Quite hard, but I think this is good enough. Funny-looking characters like Balin and Bombur are just somehow easy to make look great with sort of a caricature style.

Making Kili's stubble with dark tan would have looked like a tan beard (and terrible with the dark hair) and black or grey beard would have been even worse. So, this is bit of a compromise, with a color slides using all of those colors. Nose is rather small, same size as Bofur's to make Kili look more human-like and young. Ears and nose grow all the life time, I have heard. The hair could have been better in dark brown, but I wouldn't have had enough pieces (Coat took lot of them, and there's still Fili to go...) and it would have looked too much like the coat, so I wanted a bit of contrast there. Some loose hairs in his forehead add a boyish touch. Otherwise the hair is very similar to Thorin's.

Torso uses lots of same parts: Dark brown 1x2 slopes and curved slopes. My collection of dark brown is limited, but I managed to catch the shapes quite well here. Gold and sand blue add some color and hint about Kili's status as Thorin's nephew. Reddish brown and dark grey add some contrast and help making the character less dark.

Kili has a good array of weapons to kill nasty enemies on every range. The sword was quite simple with brick-on-brick structure (the blade isn't that sharp...) some SNOT and slope on top. The bow was trickier. I didn't want to go with old good "Round bricks on rigid hose" trick, as Kili's bow is shaped differently; I don't know the term even though I have some experiences of archery (took a course couple of years ago). So I constructed it using some dinosaur tails, robot arms and other small pieces. The cord was a bit too long, but I spun it from the ends to make is shorter. Kili has also a quiver on his back. The strap here is done using TECHIC chain links. Works quite well on my opinion.



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