MOC: Toa Muothka

 Toa Muothka, Toa of Earth, is another warrior from the northern parts of the island of Bio-Klaani. His people lives on the fells near Guartsumountain - or lived, as they have moved into south due to the invasion of the Nazorak Empire. Muothka's folk are probably a bit more primitive than Korpraun's (see the previous post), with reindeer herding as their primary livelihood. It is also said that there is still some Graalok Worshippers among them, members of ancient cult centered around the great ash bears.

Muothka is short and strong as most Onu-Toas. He is instantly recognizable with his long beard and huge antlers (ritual thing, connected to mask) though. His outlook and dented axe definitely strike fear to the most enemies an even some of his allies. He's still a  trustworthy friend, if sometimes a bit uncivil.

I had quite a clear vision of Muothka in my mind when I started to build him, as he is a character mostly written by me. The stout shape was here from the beginning, as were the antlers. I wanted to achieve a "Lapland-feel" with different aspects than in Korpraun. Orange seemed to be a nice secondary color, as it dates back to Bohrok Animations as an Onu-Matoran color and I had already used purple in Toa Iniko. The beard was originnaly going to be a piece of fur, but looked great as beard so I left it there; the tan on it also looked great with the tan antlers.

The limbs are reinforced basic limbs, with upper legs a bit similar to Iniko's and Mata feet (they are best feet, hands down). Nothing too significant here, but I think the limbs are beefy enough to hold Muothka's mass. Unlike Korpraun who has Glatorian hands, Muothka has bigger clamps as small hands would have looked quite ridiculous on him.


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