Steampunk figbarf: Vapour-powered Hulabaloo

 Don't let the stupid title confuse you, this is just an ordinary barf with some Victorian steampunk oddballs. Enjoy!
Private Mark "Gingerbeard" Haystett, who later became a famous war author, was an unaknowledged war hero who never surrended despite losing his right leg. The darkness of the trenched left their terrible mark on his mind, but unlike to the most veterans, Haystett succeeded to express his feelings in his books.
 Lady Steaphanie Crimwall is higly stylistic woman and master trainer of hunting falcons. She is an old friend of Ms. Windmill, the Prime Minister's wife, and her fiery nature has quite lot of power in the byrocratic machinery of the state.
 Captain Ferdinand B. Bohrman is a airship pirate leader who pillages (mainly "bad men") under the blessing of the state. He is famous of huge elaborated brass pipes he uses to smoke. Bohrman is also skilled engineer and self-made man.
 Celaine Nanborne is dyed-in-fool adventurer and experienced jungle trekker. She definitely knows how to hunt, how to repel the mosquitos and what materials to use to build a river raft. Her aim is to show the world the individuality of European woman.

ps. The coat idea, using two short capes, was stolen from dieselpunk Sherlock Holmes MOC - but gorramit can't remember who that was. Please note if it's yours!

EDIT: That was A Plastic Infinity - And a good chap he is.
Nicholas "Superbobby" Franrike is the secret powerhouse of Brassport's Police Department.  With his badass bluecoat, brass chest armor and vapour gun to smash riots, Superbobby is capable to beat any criminal in free brawl. Usually his friendlu muttonchops moustache is enough to make the marauders surrender.



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Brilliant! I love all of them.

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