MOC: Father Bartax

Here's some music for this MOC. Kaukana kavala maailma!

Father Bartax is one of the holy fathers of Athism, one of the religions on Klaanon. Bartax is acrid and bitter. Seen death of his friends and fall of his temple in hands of vicious Makuta Abzumo, Bartax has in manner of speaking turned into the dark side. He has committed murders, burned ancient texts and destroyed the most important holy place of his people.

This MOC was a simple building piece between bigger projects to make an image of this particularly character. The color scheme of red and black was original MNOG thing for Ta-Matorans and looked evil enough. Noble Matatu has always had such a grim look and the red rubber band strenghtened that feeling (and also creates a connection to Oracle's mask). The torso uses mini-torso from HF sets; That piece seems to enjoy lots of love in Eurobricks, but this is the first time I have used it. The ball connection to neck is terrible with Bionicle heads. So, Bartax has a terrible hunchback that acts as bishop's cape.

There were more photos, but they turned out bad due to dozens of little blood-sucking buggers flying around; more of them later.



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