MOC: Toa Ursanga

 Once again it's Klaanon time, and today's MOC is the last one of the Toas of North, the group that consists of Toa Muothka, Toa Korpraun and Toa Ursanga. They represent Akamai elements - Earth, stone and fire. Ursanga is a bit like most of the Toas of fire we know - he's aggressive and a friend to few. His people live in desolate caves at the slopes of Mount Ämkoo/Guartsuvuori/whatever,  and they worship Ash Bears and live with those noble beasts of wilderland.

Bears are Ursanga's main theme; He has a hood made of ash bear's skin, probably the area's previous alfa bear's, and his sceptre has bear's skull on it. Even his boots have paw-like shape, enabling him to walk on snow and marshland.

Using Raw-Jaw's (and that is one of the best HF sets around) head as the hood was the main idea on this MOC. It also settled the black/red color scheme that looked striking and aggressive. The hood came out quite easily, but I had to bulk up the shoulders as the neck had to be quite long. Paws used there are part of the bear motif, resembling the new Kopaka a bit. They also help to create the image of the Toa who survives in the cold temperatures.

The arms are quite basic stuff. The hand design is taken from the BCth. I used them on Toa Samol a few years ago. The legs were trickier. The shin design, basic but good-looking, was there all the time, but Inika shins and metru feet were dropped with the dark red. The Belville saddles and Glatorian ankle guards were a late addition, but they worked well with the bear feet.



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