Brickfilm: Puuroa - Porridge

Today is the premiere of the latest brickfilm by Vuhvelituotanto, an experienced Finnish movie company consisting of me (Okkonen) and my friend (Karvinen). This vivid stop-motion film can be seen at our Youtube Channel.

The film was done for Palikkatakomo RY:n 11th animation contest with the theme of fairy tales. The 10th had two contestants and we are the only one so far, so the contest does probably not happen; others have now six hours and twenty-six minutes to post theirs as the deadline is... Well, today. A bit depressing.

As in out previous brickfilms I built the models, then we did the animation, speech and sound effect together, and finally my friend did the editing and the music. The models took several hours during the two weeks before filming, which took seven hours of last saturday; Sound stuff took two hours.

This animation had quite a lot models, and I had to cheat a bit to make the things work. The mansion of the three little pig has only a facade, and their individual cottages were designed during the filming (which is quite obvious). The same threes appear all around, but this is a magical forest after all. The house of the seven dwarves was the trickiest set, as Goldilocks was up to eat all the porridge of the dwarves; Four barrels. Goldilocks eating porridge is the main theme of this film.

The brickfilm is in Finnish. Subtitled version does not exist, but I can clearify a few things: The dwarves have a Savonin accent (though I doubt none of my internatinal readers know about Savonia; Lucky buggers). Goldilocks' only line is "porridge" and she was voice acted by me. The last of the dwarves, the poet one, wishes to get his comrades back when the genie appears, and is dissapointed when all the genie can create is a couple of garden gnomes. The bridge troll isn't any luckier; He wants a motorbike but gets a bicycle instead. At least it is one that can be ridden on a river.



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