GoH Minifig Series: Kaliphin

 Cyclops Centurion Graabolk is a mighty man (cyclops) in Kaliphin. He is bit of a strategist but mainly just horribly brave and inspiring leader.
 Smyt Smytsson is a bad-mannered dwarf bandit. He is likely banished by his kin due to his un-dwarfish clothes, manners and choice of weapon, or probably because they envy his pompous moustache. Uses a lot of chewing tobacco.
 Glorp the orc is something like a friend of Smyt's. He is a bandit too, master of mugging bedouins. He wears a head of one of his victims on his head with the turban and all.
Cherbyl is a desert sprite, alluring but dangerous. She seeks the deserts for lost explorers and caravans and misguides them with mirages. She has form of a human, limbs of a bird and mind of a snake.



Samuel Willmot said...

Love it! Hilarious and terrifying figs!

Unknown said...

Where's Cherbyl's head from?

Eero said...

Ninjago, Pixal I think.

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