Eurobricks Guilds of Historica Collectable Minifig Series

Eurobricks has its Guilds of Historica subforum that has plenty of breathtaking historical theme MOCs. I haven't taken part on it, except for one minifig on one contest a few years ago, but I have intended to do so a few time (one of the creations destroyed compleately during a homeward journey from an exhibit and was never photographed). Now, on their 3rd anniversary, they are hosting a custom minifig series contest, and the best part is that the figs should be purist and that's my piece of cake, exactly!

These are posted on four different "regional" barfs of minifigs so I don't have to put them on flickr during the same day; it's funnier that way.



Samuel Willmot said...

Yes! Figbarfs! Loving the minifigures!

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