GoH Minifig Series: Nocturnus

 Clarol was daughter of loving parents in Avalonia but dark spirits stole her as a baby and took her to Nocturnus. Years in dungeons turned her into something dark and very dangerous. Fear and hatred gave her terrible strenght and her mind is full of twisted thoughs.
 Bjorn Gurmadon is a Nocturnian dwarf ambassador and an officer. Living in Nocturnus is hard for dwarves, but rich resources have driven his kin into this parts of Historica. Gurmadon tries to negotiate with sorceres, vampires and evil sprites to keep his people safe, and sometimes it deems a use of his greatsword.
 Evorma the Sorcerer moved into Nocturnus in the seek of true dark powers. He has the obligatory iron staff, black robe with occultic symbols and brooding wizard tower. He has not found the true dark powers yet.

Were-Knigh is one of the unnamed evil warrior that patrol the dark valleys of Noctunus. They are strong, restless and have excellent sense of humour. No wait, excellent night vision is what I was saying.



Samuel Willmot said...

A scary and threatening bunch! Wouldn't want to bump into any of these characters at night!

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