GoH Minifig Series: Avalonia

Sissa is a elven ranger. She is the master of camouflage and especially loves spring when the grassland and woods of Avalonia are full of beautiful flowers is full bloom.

 Bulgplop the Pikeman Pikeman is one of the guards of the Pikeman tribe that lives in the marshes of Avalonia. His pike's pike is made of pike's fishbone. Pikemen's pikes are also to jack pikes. Pikes are important in pikemen's culture.
 Jetro the Smith is the strongest men in Avalonia. He is not that good in making sharp blades and such, but he can swing hammer (and an anvil too) better than anybody and has enough muscle to bend cold steel with his bare hands.
Bingo von Hinderal is the mayor of the town of Badhammod. He's a nice man and totally not a warmonger, and loves good food and drink. He's mostly very harmless, except during the years of famine.


Samuel Willmot said...

What a diverse range of culture!

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